The company carry out business activities as follows:

a. Education support activities, including business.

b. Public relations activities, include the implementation of communication activities to build and maintain good and beneficial relationships between organizations, and businesses.

c. Investment consulting and futures trading activities.

d. Other management consulting activities, including provision of advice, guidance and business operations and other organizational and management issues, such as strategic and organizational planning; decisions related to finance; marketing objectives and policies; human resource planning, practices and policies; planning scheduling and controlling production.

e. Organizers of meetings, incentive trips, conferences and exhibitions, including efforts to organize, promote and / or manage events, such as services for a group meeting of people (statesmen, businessmen, scholars, etc.). This group also includes service businesses that plan, compile and organize incentive travel programs and service businesses that plan and organize trade and business fairs, conventions, conferences and meetings. This activity is also called MICE services (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions).

f. Activities of international agencies and other extra-international agencies, including the activities of institutions / agencies / agencies of representatives of foreign countries, other international and regional agencies, international financial and monetary agencies, world banks, world customs organizations, organizations for economic cooperation and development, organizations of oil exporting countries, associations of European countries, free trade associations of European countries and others, such as representatives of the United Nations and sub-organizations, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, WHO, ILO, ASEAN, IMF, OECD and OPEC and others -Other as well as embassies and consulates determined by the country where it is located.