The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease is anticipated to positively impact the market growth. The key factor supporting the positive impact is the restrictions in activities around the world and the presence of a fewer number of workers due to Covid-19 guidelines, which led to the boom ofContinue Reading

New business intelligence report released by Advance Market Analytics with title “Private Cloud Market Insights, forecast to 2025” has abilities to raise as the most significant market worldwide as it has remained playing a remarkable role in establishing progressive impacts on the universal economy. The Private Cloud Market Report offersContinue Reading

Make increasing individual and collective intelligence national objectives of education. Promote online life-long learning in anticipation of aging societies and technological change. Increase R&D funding of AI-human symbiotic evolution. In parallel to STEM education, create self-paced inquiry-based learning for self-actualization that increased focus on developing creativity, critical thinking, human relations,Continue Reading

The one of of challenging system in term of state level is to make a country be strong enough for building integrity. None of country will let down the country in a wrong direction. However, many of events happened in many countries have been led them in to deteoriting situationContinue Reading

le savoir; Knowledge, le savoir-faire; know-how, l’être; being, and le savoir-être; interpersonal skills. Le savoir; Knowledge matches to the intellectual knowledge. Research in education relating to knowledge aims to find the educational means enabling learners to acquire knowledge: observation, reading, writing, mathematics, knowledge of Man and the Environment, and meta-knowledge. le savoir-faire; Know-how links to the practical skills, to mastery throughContinue Reading