Department of Robotics

Welcome to our Department of Robotics

We are glad to be able to open Department of Robotics in our institute. Thanks to supporting parties that have been dedicated themselves to AliveWin. In this department, we are currently developing a digital robot to help human in doing their work. Repetitive tasks cost human energy and expenses. So why not let robot do all of our task instead? With our digital robot, we can just leave our repetitive task to the robot , then we can focus more on the other important task, such as the strategical and managerial things.

Our digital robot is programmed based on our needs, so if we want the robot to do accounting things, then we will program it to do exactly the same as what accountant do in daily work basis. In this moment, we are developing a digital robot to do accounting tasks. The digital robot refers to an artificial intelligence that can think like an accountant and mimic the way of an accountant thinks. It can receive, read and recognize a transaction slip, facture, and invoices, then process it to produce a financial report. The process includes journalizing, making balance sheet, income statement, cashflow, and changes on equity.

Besides accounting tasks, we also have a planning to develop a receptionist robot, which means the robot will do exactly what receptionist do in daily life. It can communicate with customers in verbal way or non verbal way, thanks to voice recognition system that can identify verbal input from customers to our robot. In this phase, we are still in the phase of developing digital robot. Digital robot is basically a software, programmed to do specific tasks on a computer, also called a workflow. It can do more or less anything as long as the workflow can be defined.

It’s only the beginning phase. Our main goal is to develop a humanoid robot that also can do the task of accountant and receptionist. Humanoid robot refers to a robot with its body shape built to resemble the human body. Humanoid robot is also supposed to behave like human. Our next phase is developing a humanoid robot, that is also the phase when we will combine our digital robot system with the humanoid robot. It will perfecty fit the figure of lifelike robot accountant and robot receptionist.

Welcome to the future.

Department of Robotics of AliveWin