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Covid 19 Challenge…

No matter how the impact size of covid 19, the spirit of developed countries on education system has been running and showing in kind of method programs.

Almost all visa student is permitted, however other status is in highly restricted law. We’re happy to hear this news, though all programs need to be settle, rapidly.

Do you have any plan to go to abroad, just let us know via , no matter how the pandemic hit us, we’ve to keep on work, normally working very hard than normal situation. Keep spirit to the end of mission is one typical successful student.

Alivewin Purpose :

Promote, through Exchange student program, research, Training and all possible for scholarship scheme.

The ongoing process; contextually relevant, high quality and accessible higher education throughout the world; and the interactions.

Moreover as driver for; policies, institutional infrastructure, human capacities, resources, and outcomes; and develop conceptual advances and may influence the policy, practices, also have wider international impact.